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Zulu Beret Hat embellished with seed beads

Zulu Beret Hat embellished with seed beads

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A Zulu Beret hat with seed beads embellishment, a beautiful fit, and manageable size and polyester material that keeps you warm in the cold is perfect for you. The enticing inner lining features a touch of refinement as well. This headgear is available in various colours and styles, suitable for every event. It's an excellent choice for shy women who don't want to wear loud colours. It's entirely adjustable, so if you want it tight, it will be tight — but if you want it loose, it will be flexible — and you can even change it yourself, allowing you to find the exact fit for your head in seconds!

Everyone likes to look stylish, but it doesn't always mean spending a lot of money on fashion accessories. This seed beaded hat will make you look fashionable and appealing on frigid winter days. Our designer designed this hat for the girls who want to look stylish and sassy without putting effort. This round wide brim hat has a high-quality fabric that does not tear and looks old even after years. 

The touch of beads and weaving them into a perfect pattern around the hat looks like a headband. The beaded hat is unique because of its inner lining, which keeps your head surface comfortable, not too warm or too cold, and does not mess up your hairstyle. Available in red, beige or black, choose whatever colour fits your outfit and enjoy the styling vibes.


-Fabric: Mixed Polyester woven

-Fit: True to size. 

-Sizing: One size fits all 

-Fabric composition: This fedora hat has premium quality polyester fabric, a durable material that makes it comfortable, useful, warm, and fashionable.

 -Care: You may dry clean it whenever you want and dry it in the air or the sun without worrying about it looking old.

Side Note:

  • Wear it to the beach or when skiing at any time of year.
  • The wide brim sun hat with multicoloured beads in natural is a big brim hat perfect for avoiding sun rays.
  • The seed beads around the hat make it an ideal fit for the dance party.
  • The fabric material of the hat makes it easy to wash and put on comfortably.
  • The perfect round, high detail beads finishing and the African touch make this hat a fantastic accessory to wear.
  • The hat stitches with excellent finishing, and the lining beneath the hat will keep it with you for years.

Even if you aren't stylish, you should have one in your closet because it will make you feel like you are wearing a designer's unique invention. It's simple to put on, comfy, and most importantly, makes you look professional. House of Sarah deserves credit for providing a variety of hat alternatives, whether you want to add a touch of class with this classic style or a more seductive look.

So, to wear it on your prom night, add it to the cart Now and get it within 3 days after placing your order.

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