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Nikki Summer Maxi Dress

Nikki Summer Maxi Dress

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Summer is one week away, and you still have not found that perfect summer dress to wear? This summer, go with Nikki Summer Maxi Dress - it has all the summer colours you need. It's a casual sassy maxi and has two side pockets, so you can find your keys easily when you arrive at your destination. The dress comes with a back zip but without the headwrap (which is great because who wants to be bothered with a headwrap this summer). If you love the colour yellow and want a maxi dress to wear this summer, this is the perfect maxi! You deserve to shine this summer with the Nikki Summer Maxi Dress. This dress has a round-neck, non-fitted waistline, and is sleeveless, letting you style your arm with a bracelet or bangles. The style makes the wearer look fresh and up to date. The dress features 2 pockets that are deep enough for a phone, money, or keys. It keeps unlined for a light feel. This cute, comfortable maxi dress is perfect for any outdoor celebration. This beautiful dress has become your go-to summertime with its elasticity and versatility! This dress had created with every body shape in mind and has a multi-colours pattern with basic yellow that is perfect for any occasion. The vibrant colours and African styles will have you looking great at work, out on the town, or in the streets.

Dress up your summer wardrobe with this Nikki Summer Maxi Dress! The gorgeous style is perfect for any occasion with a vibrant print that will get you noticed.


-Fabric: Cotton (100% pure and lightweight)

-Fit: True to size.

-Sizing: The model shows a size Middle (Other sizes also available).

-Fabric composition: Breathable, soft and luxurious fabric material (100% cotton).

-Care: Wash it with soft detergent in a machine and hang dry (do not tumble dry).

 Side Note:

  • This beautiful dress is the perfect summer wear, as it features a zip closure at the back.
  • The length of the dress is 61 inches, so you will be sure to find the ideal size.
  • It is made from 100% cotton and has two side pockets that will be handy for storing your keys or jewellery.
  • The vibrant colours make it an instant eye-catcher and will be perfect with a pair of high heels or sandals.
  • It creates a feminine silhouette and makes you feel beautiful.

 Why not let a dress speak for you? The Summer Maxi Dress is a colourful, stunning and versatile dress that can last with you day to night and fit every occasion. This dress will bring elegance and sophistication to a special event or your day to day life. With this stylish piece in your closet, you will never be out of fashion. It's also the perfect unlined dress to show your curves with many colour combos. The dress can team up with any accessories to create an infinite number of looks. So head over to House of Sarah and find your perfect dress now!

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