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Magni Ndop Silk Maxi Dress

Magni Ndop Silk Maxi Dress

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Do you want to look elegant and not just fancy? Then this Magni Ndop Silk Maxi Dress is what you need. It is a maxi dress that hits all the right spots! 

It comes in a cute shade of blue-grey and front cut that perfectly showcases your inner glamour. It is a light, simple and fashionable maxi for your prom night. This Silk Maxi Dress is a comfortable yet right addition to any outfit wardrobe. With the silk construction, you can wear this dress for a long time without getting it wrinkled. It comes with cuffed long sleeves and wrap neckline. Therefore, you can wear this dress for all occasions - from business to friends' dinner. With this preppy dress, you can make a stylish statement! The dress is absolutely elegant, the quality of the fabric is amazing, and it has everything that attracts you.

The Magni design is called THE BEST MAXI DRESS on the market today, and this is why we are offering this dress with super soft 100% silk fabric that provides beautiful silky softness to the body.The Magni Ndop Silk Maxi Dress is a good add-on to your wardrobe with a stunning design. It has a modern look and is available in a beautiful mixing shade of  blue and grey. This silky maxi dress will give you the perfect shape for a night out at the club, where you can show off your curves. This maxi of House of Sarah can fit most body types and shapes and looks great on many body shapes, including plus size women. It has a maxi fit with the usual close-fitting sleeves that can wear elegantly with flats, sandals, heels or your favourite wedges. The fabric is soft and durable, the design is well made and of excellent quality;


-Fabric: 100% smooth and pure silk.

-Fit: True to size.

-Sizing: The model shows a size Small (Plus sizes are available). 

-Fabric composition: Long-lasting fabric that is 100% pure silk.

-Care: Machine wash with cold water and detergent.

 Side Note:

  • The dress is of pure silk and has a full-sleeved one with the addition of cuffs.
  • The dress has a few layers and a wrap-up neckline with a waistband to provide it with a tight fit.
  • With this lovely maxi dress, you can show off your curves and look classy because of its perfect fitting.
  • This dress is well lit! It doesn't become loose with age and has a nice stretch.

 You want to look dazzling and beautiful in this dress, don't you? The Magni Ndop Silk Maxi Dress is a perfect outfit that suits any body type and has both long sleeves & covered beauty bone neck design!

This elegant maxi with a sleeking cut makes you look sexy, especially on the beach.

So, if you are looking for casual or something less formal, this outfit by House of Sarah will make a good investment as it has suitable fabric and style.

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