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Demba Silk Satin Set

Demba Silk Satin Set

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Dress up with our Demba Silk Satin Set with slimming and casual styles and colours to enjoy them more. The set is full of exciting price points and elegant design characteristics.

You deserve stylish trouser with a tailored shirt. By assembling these two pieces, you will create the ultimate styling statement with the bonus of a high-quality fabric! The Top provide the new trendy, modern look in fabric (from the special collection).

A bright and stylish trouser with two side pockets and an elastic band at the back, lining, silk satin fabric, and zipper closure make it one of the best dresses in House of Sarah.



Get a more fantastic look now by wearing the Demba Silk Satin Set. The adjustable neckline makes this top suitable for both formal and casual occasions. The fully lined top provides maximum comfort and feel, and the chiffon fabric ensures that the top will remain dry even in heavy rain or sweat. The top is entirely versatile; you can also wear it with a maxi skirt or shorts to make your look great.


The trouser has a waistband so you can shorten them. The trouser and shirt set will flatter your figure, allow you to move more freely, and makes you look slim & trim. The set is comfortable, and the self-extending trouser can also help you look taller or thinner.


Wear this trouser and shirt set when you want to, without worrying about them looking sloppy!



-Fabric: Silk Satin and Chiffon.

-Fit: True to size.

-Sizing: The model shows a size Small (38 inches but other sizes available). 

-Fabric composition: The trouser is 100% Silk Satin, and the Top has made of Chiffon fabric.

-Care: Dry clean anytime and dry it under air or sun with no tension of fading of colours.

Side Note:

  • The trouser is a very straight fit low rise for the perfect hip line in your trousers.
  • The top comes with an adjustable neckline to feel comfortable while wearing it.
  • The trousers have pockets on both sides, which you can use to store anything you need to keep safe during your outdoor activities.
  • The fabric of the trouser is silk satin. - It's very comfortable to wear with its smooth fabric and elastic band to keep it in place while walking around.
  • The lined and stylish top has made with chiffon fabric because chiffon fabric preferably has a slight weight to it.
  • The top is free of sweat stains and chaffing. The perfect fit ensures your top will stay put all day long.
  • Sleek and elegant trouser-shirt set, ultra-soft and trim design are easy to wear.
  • The trouser made with a satin fabric keeps smooth and softens your skin while remaining lightweight, calm, and breathable.


This Demba Silk Satin set looks great at various events like beach parties, office parties, or concerts!

With this chiffon top and the satin trouser, enjoy the summer season without worrying about your beauty or fashion sense. Showcase that charming charm with chiffon and satin fabric right now!

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