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Bogolan Silk Midi Dress

Bogolan Silk Midi Dress

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Are you looking for a different coloured dress this season? The Bogolan Silk Midi Dress will be the right choice to pick for dressing like a chic new lady.

The Bogolan Silk Midi Dress will take you from simple to elegant. It will make your outfit stand out, and the silk material helps it hold its shape for you during wear. The silk is soft on your skin and looks great against your skin, making this dress easier to care for and easy on your budget.

It is a luxury silk maxi dress with a unique pattern of colours and design. The dress is exquisite and simple, yet it still keeps all the modern touches of sthe era. This super-trendy dress looks incredible when you wear it to formal events like weddings, parties, or outings. This silk maxi is soft and smooth, and is durable. The 100% pure silk fabric makes it comfortable to wear and look at—no fading of colours on the silk fabric. Delicate designs and elegant colours make it a perfect dress for all occasions.



-Fabric: 100% Bogolan satin silk.

-Fit: True to size (fits all body types)

-Sizing: The model shows a size Small that is a full-length maxi (from neck to foot)

-Fabric composition: Lightweight Silk fabric (100% pure).

-Care: Fully lined in a soft microfiber that is washable and air-drying

The dress is trendy and sophisticated, it will let you take on any look with summery colours.

Side Note:

  • Optimal length and fit, the sleeves are full length to make them look more elegant.
  • A high-quality midi dress with an off-shoulder neckline and an elegant look.
  • The dress is so soft and flexible; the fabric and how it's sewn make it so comfortable to wear.
  • The colour is a pretty blue with an elegant match of white and red patterns.
  • The material is silk and crease-free, which we think is the best gift you will ever get.


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