How To Dress For An Office Holiday Party



The office holiday party causes a dilemma for many women. What to wear for the office Christmas party is a difficult question. You need to add a bit of festivity to your clothing but balance it with a conservative approach. While you need to wear something more formal than you would wear to the office during work hours, you do not want to overdo your ensemble. All aspects of your holiday outfit should reflect the image of impressing but not as if you were going out to a club for the evening. Make up, hairstyle, shoes, jewellery and clothing should be kept minimalist and somewhat conservative with just a bit of festive features.


There are many choices when deciding on the outfit you will wear to your office party. The little black dress is always a good choice. A winter white dress can make a little bit of a statement. Adding subtle festivity to a pantsuit or skirt is appropriate. If you choose to wear pants, make them tuxedo pants or well fitting pants in a solid colour or an inconspicuous pattern. Match pants with a solid colour silk or satin blouse, a solid colour well fitting cashmere sweater or a blazer. A small amount of sequins or a silver thread will give the outfit a it of holiday merriment. Skirts should be kept at knee length or mid length. They should not be tight fitting. A leather skirt is fine but should be well made and paired with a conservative top. You can go with some bold solid colours paired with a black or grey skirt or trousers or add either red or green to your outfit but not both.

Your clothing should match the formality of the party. If you go a bit more formal, remind yourself that you are not going to out clubbing. Never show cleavage or wear something that is skin tight. Christmas sweaters should be saved for a fun family party and not worn to an office function. Do not wear jingle bells which become annoying, and under no circumstances should you wear a Santa hat or a Santa outfit.


Jewellery is a great way to add a festive feel to a conservative outfit but should never be overboard. A dangling earing, a Christmas brooch or a metallic necklace or bracelet will give your outfit a festive touch while not overdoing it. Another way to add a bit of holiday cheer to your ensemble without overdoing it is to wear a Christmas themed scarf. However, that should be all that is themed in your office party look.


Heels are a must when dressing for the office holiday party. Flats will look too informal. Yet, do not wear stilettos or shoes that are uncomfortable or difficult to walk in. Find a nice pair of shoes that will compliment your outfit and add a bit of formality to your otherwise conservative ensemble. Sparkles are ok but should be of good quality.


For the office holiday party, you will want to make your make-up more dramatic than what you typically wear to work. However, you do not want to look like you are going clubbing. A bright lipstick or dramatic eye make-up is appropriate but it should be one or the other. Too much make-up will look gaudy.


Add some touches to create a formal hairstyle but do not add too much. An up-do is always appropriate, formal and conservative. Straightening hair will give you a sleek style. A soft curl will look good without being too much. Do not wear too much hairspray. Add a rhinestone clip to hold back your hair or wear a soft, low ponytail.

Dressing for the holiday office party must be done with some thought. Consider the formality of the event and dress up just a bit more than you would on a normal workday. Adding little nuances of holiday cheer to your outfit can be a welcome way to dress up your outfit. However, you cannot overdo the holiday theme of your outfit or you will look tacky. Enjoy the many ways that you can dress up for the holiday office party while maintaining the level of sophistication that you need to have when partying with your co-workers.