Dress for Success in the Office

Happy young businesswoman

Women are taking leading roles in the corporate world. They are powerful and in control of some huge companies. Just because a woman is in a position of power does not mean that she cannot be stylish. While the average woman may not be running a company she does have an important job in her office. There are some tips about what to wear and what not to wear when going to work.
What to Wear
When dressing for work it is important that the clothing fit properly. Clothes should not be tight but they should not be baggy either. Shirts and bottoms should have a tailored look. Trousers should be fitted and skirts should be at least down to the knee. A woman should be able to sit down comfortable in her bottoms. Any type of professional jacket should be buttoned. Tops and blouses should not have an open gap between the button holes. Accessories are fine to wear to the office but they should not be too large. Earrings are acceptable but a woman should choose studs. Hoops are never professional looking. Too much jewellery can make a woman look gaudy and overdone. Shoes should be sensible. A small heel is okay but high heels are not. The shoes should be a solid colour as well.
What Not to Wear
Short or short skirts are never acceptable in the office. While women are trying to fight the stereotype that they are just sexual symbols and always has to show off their body. Wearing items that are too short have the opposite effect. Flip flops are never allowed. They look unprofessional. A woman goes to work to do a serious job not to hang out. Jeans and denim are not appropriate to wear to work.
These are just some of the items that are acceptable and not acceptable for work. A woman can still be on top of the latest fashion trends. While the office may require a professional look a woman can still express herself and be taken seriously.