What to Wear to a Wedding – The Ultimate Guest Guide

Guests at a wedding

Outshining the bride is the last thing any woman wants to do, even if she very well could. To this point, women have to be a bit more conservative in their dress than they might normally be. Everyone should have very germane ensembles that can be worn to weddings as the season warrants. Drawing on classic styles is very important, and avoiding ostentatious garb, jewelry and shoes are likely best, unless of course the cultural understanding calls for such. That being said, one should always want to err on the side of caution when dressing for a wedding. Nothing low-cut, and skirts should be closer to the knee than the hip! Our propensity is to always dress to showcase our features and assets, but a wedding is another person’s special day, and for that reason it is a day for every other woman to take the backseat and allow the bride to be the only person all attention is on. Be conservative, and dial it back a notch when dressing for a wedding; the key is to look appropriate and not to draw attention.

A nice, light-colored linen suit is all but perfect to wear to any summer wedding. It is smart, conservative, allows for the breeze to make its way through, and it is a very classic and dignified look. Any jewelry should be understated, and just a few items should be worn. A high heel is great, but when attending a wedding, perhaps choosing a modest heel is best. In the closet near this linen suit should be a matching, mini purse or clutch along with a matching smart phone case, if you use one. In any case, a good linen suit will get you through most any wedding from May to mid-September.

Weddings during other months are a bit more tricky. A linen suit can really make a classic statement like no other suit can. That being said, day weddings in Autumn or Spring require a little more planning. Evening weddings are a bit easier to dress for as a tasteful cocktail dress with an accompanying Balero jacket and clutch, with understated jewellery, are the best components for this type of wedding. Black is also perfectly fine for evening weddings, but having a similar, classic-style dress in a seasonal colour will help provide options should you be heading into a busy wedding season. Day weddings in the Autumn, Winter and Spring will pose a little more of a challenge. For Autumn and Winter, a conservatively coloured wool skirt or trousers, coupled with a silk blouse and understated jewellery are prudent choices. The challenge is looking appropriate, but also not like you just left your office. Jewellery can play a big part in dressing up an outfit for a Autumn or Winter wedding, but not overdoing it is best. Everything is about balance when dressing for a wedding.

Spring day weddings can be a little tricky because our propensity is to celebrate the shedding of layers, which could lead to dubious fashion choices! A slightly heavier linen suit is always nice for Spring day weddings. Changeable weather in most parts of the United States in the Spring makes it hard to select anything too far in advance of the actual date. Smart, quiet, conservative and understated are all the hallmarks of proper dress for any wedding, at any time of the year, and the Spring is no exception. Shoe choices should be stylish and smart, so perhaps you can comfortably cut a rug at these joyous events! Every other day can be about you, and celebrating what you look like, but on a wedding day, it is about another woman; it is her special day and respecting that with proper clothing choices is the best way to be a guest, and not an event.

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